How to Grow Your LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee

Written by Claudia Lee | Founder of Nexus Gecko

LinkedIn is the most powerful business networking app in the world.

After working with my clients for so long, I sort of forgot about my own account…

I spent 3 months revitalizing my own LinkedIn presence and I thought I’d answer every possible question people could have about LinkedIn.

So bookmark 📑 this and let me take you to the moon in 2024!

Let’s go!

How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

Should I Smile in My LinkedIn?

In terms of posts…yes. Smile, stick your tongue out. Do whatever.

Be a pattern interrupt. Be different. Be eye-catching.

Profile pictures I’d always go with something a little simpler, but it’s also up to you!

How To Lay Out Your Profile | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

How should I build my profile on LinkedIn?

Take a look at mine in the picture above. This alone helps me bring in a couple of dozen inbound leads a month. Let me sum it up for you:

  1. The banner says what you do, clearly and colorfully. It grabs the eye and immediately sets the tone.
  2. The profile picture is sharp and shows your face. People work with people remember.
  3. Headline adds for curiosity, and makes people delve deeper. It’s also the first point of text someone reads, when you pop up on screen on their feed, and it sits right under your face.
  4. The bio, which on a desktop is lower down, hence why it’s not in the image, is the headline just in more depth. It basically is your ‘blurb’ of your LinkedIn, so be sure to show yourself off.
  5. The main button can be a link to a website, calendar, YouTube channel, or whatever you need.

What Should My First LinkedIn Post Be?

Whatever you want it to be. Just post it!

You don’t remember your first steps.

You barely remember when you could ride a bike for the first time.

Hell, even your first kiss is blurry.

Just post it. Adapt and keep going.

Just use all the pointers we talk about here, and keep going. It’s a quantity approach and growing a social page takes time. No one will really see your first post. And, that’s ok.

How Long Should a LinkedIn Post Be?

A LinkedIn post should be long enough to convey your message clearly but concise enough to maintain engagement.

Like I said before, it needs to be easy to read. So put things on new lines.

Generally, posts between 100–250 words are ideal. Longer posts can work if the content is compelling and well-structured, but keep it to 100–250.

Like a standard email to a colleague. That sort of length.

What To Look For | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

Blue & Green = Both signs of consistent posting, one with better-performing posts (green) at this current point in time.

Red = Bad content or bad consistency

Blue may just be a colder account, less of an audience for LinkedIn to get data from, and just may take some time.

Green is great, as at the end there, you can see even the drops in numbers are still higher each time. It shows scalability, and reach increasing over time, all the signs of a promising account future.

What is the problem with red, then?

Posting consistently with poor ability to communicate message consistently also.

You get one good post, and LinkedIn pushes it, to your audience. You however don’t continue to perform well, it drops your reach massively and before you know it, you’re getting nowhere.

How Do I Write a LinkedIn Post?

Keep it simple.

Use simple words.

Do not block it out with paragraphs.

It’s not an article. It’s a social post.

It needs to be easy to follow.

👆 Lay it out like this, above, where each line is a new point. Much easier to read isn’t it?

Here’s an example of a recent post of mine…

The Perfect Post Layout | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

When writing a LinkedIn post, start with a compelling first line to grab attention. Don’t be too clickbaity as it gets annoying.

Follow with content that provides value, whether it’s an insight, a story, or a question.

Be useful. That’s the key. The more useful, the more people care.

End with a call-to-action, and if you want people to reach to you, simply ask them. Show them what you do, and if they’re interested make it clear that can reach out and explore ideas.

Kermit The Frog GIF | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

So, How Do I Post Good Content on LinkedIn?

The trick is understanding pain points.

Unlike other socials, it not so much about images of Bali and the blue ocean.

It’s more about what you do. Specifically, what you do for others.

As in, what are the effects of your work and your skillsets?

Posting good content on LinkedIn starts with understanding your audience.

Share insights, stories, and experiences relevant to your industry.

Also, focus on images and GIFs. They perform better as they’re more eye-catching.

“It takes only 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process an image… The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.”

Also be sure to add Alt-Text to images and gifs. This massively helps the distribution fo your content, and makes it wider available. I do a post here about ‘How to Make Perfect Midjourney Images.’

Also this is another post of mine on Medium about ‘How To Level Up Your Posts With Images’ and I show you there how to write great alt-text in a flash!

How To Increase Impressions | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

What is the Best Content Format for LinkedIn?

In 2024, mixed-format posts, combining text with images, videos, or polls, are performing exceptionally well, for both B2B and B2C.

Images and text seem best from engagement, likes and comments.

While polls massively drive impressions and scale your account.

A blend of these is best.

If you put out polls be sure to put something in the comments for people to bounce off of, and take the subject further.

Like I said image and text, seem superior for engagement, like likes and comments, in general.

If you do long-form video content, be sure however, to repurpose it on LinkedIn. There is a growing movement of video content on the platform.

Also you’re content can also be off-the-cuff stuff. If you go to an event. Get a selfie, tag people, and be impromptu.

The natural and candid element works well, on top of the planned and coherent regular content.

What is the Content Strategy for LinkedIn in 2024?

It’s 3 key areas:

  • Answer pain points, provide answers and interesting insights.
  • Post every day. Without fail. Weekends too. Trust me.
  • Make sure to include images in at least 2–3, per week. It really does help. (And, don’t forget that alt-text).

How do I make artwork for LinkedIn?

Well you can sue selfies or any photography. Even stock images or drawings. I like to make all the artwork you see for Nexus Gecko, via Midjourney and Canva.

I do a full article right here on Medium on that very thing.

Check it out by clicking here. 👈

How To Master Midjourney | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

Should I use hashtags?

I don’t. I let the alt-text and the SEO do it’s work.

But you can do! Nothing is stopping you. I just think sometimes it can look a little cluttered.

One of my favourite creators on LinkedIn, Brad Burton always put his trademark hashtag, under every post.

It can add really good continuity, which can make an audience engage more, and remember you.

What Makes a Bad LinkedIn Post?

Here’s a checklist of what not to do:

  • Pitch slap and be salesy.
  • Be condescending, and an ass.
  • Try to put down others to make yourself look better. Nobody cares about how you having Lambo makes you a superstar now! Go away 🙄
  • Fake information and testimonials.
  • Spam and be bland by repeating boring posts
How To Schedule Content On LinkedIn | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

How do you schedule content on LinkedIn?

You will see this clock timer in the corner of your ‘write a post’ box.

You can go there and schedule all your content.

Be sure to post at similar times every day. It helps the algorithm, and post daily. Some say twice a day, some say twice a week.

Trust me. Just go with it every day. That’s enough.

Should I prepare all of my posts, and should they all be professional?

No. Not necessarily. We do that for ourselves at Nexus Gecko as well as for our clients, as it’s a hell of a lot easier.

But some of my favourite creators have very off-the-cuff posts. Definitely go follow Will Nitze of IQBAR. He’s one of my favourites.

We did an interview with him for our online magazine, and about how he build his granola bar empire. Take a read here, if you’d love to know more about that!

How many people should I aim to connect with?

You can send 100 connections per week. I suggest making sure these are the types of people you work with.

Or perhaps people you want to notice you. I.e investors, or VC.

If you run out of requests, it’s fine just wait till next week. Be sure to keep engaging and commenting, and they may send a connection request to you.

What is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

The best time to post on LinkedIn varies, but generally, weekdays during business hours are ideal.

That’s when you can get right in front of everyone.

Experiment with different times and track engagement to find what works best for your audience.

And once something works keep it there. I post midday for me in London, to work best with UK and US audiences.

Is it Better to Share or Like on LinkedIn?

Liking is a quick way to acknowledge content, while sharing indicates a higher level of ‘post intrigue’. I would look for likes, very rarely do people repost.

Just look for a healthy amount of likes and comments, and those impressions growing over time, and you’ll be fine.

How Many Times a Week Should You Post on LinkedIn?

Like I said every day, is best.

2–3 times a week minimum. And 2–3 times a day if you’re a madman.

Every day is fine.

So, Can You Post Too Much on LinkedIn?

Yes, posting too much can overwhelm your audience and dilute the impact of your content. It could also signal to LinkedIn people don’t like your content.

Take the long approach. Just once a day. Every day, for a year.

Engage with comments and reply to them.

Like other people’s posts and comment on theirs. You’ll see it grow.

How To Get Engagement On LinkedIn & How To Engage | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

How Do I Get More Attention on LinkedIn Posts?

To gain more attention, dp the audience hop.

Find 10–20 creators you like. Put their notifications on, and comment under as many of their new posts as you can.

And don’t be dull.

Don’t be a bot.

Be witty.

Be insightful.

Be real. Trust me.

You’ll see your audience grow.

Want a head start? Oh here we go, here’s my profile. I respond to every comment. I’ll help you out 😊

What are the Rules for LinkedIn Posts?

There are no rules per say. Just the normal. Don’t be an ass. Don’t be rude. Etc, etc.

Keep it clean. But you can be a little opinionated and have discussions if you do it properly.

Why is No One Seeing My LinkedIn Posts?

Your posts might not be seen due to low engagement or because they’re not resonating with your audience.

Keep engaging with other accounts. Get better at writing. And stick at it. It takes time. If you want help with it, you can go to an agency like mine and we’ll do it for you.

But, you can do it yourself. You just need to build content people want.

Look at it this way. Look at your posts. And ask yourself would you stop scrolling for this?

If not. Work out why and fix it.

Should You Like Your Own LinkedIn Posts?

Yes. 100%. For me, I’ve never seen it affect traction. Only improve it.

You can also put a question in the comments to spark things there too. Like I mentioned above.

Does LinkedIn Not Like Links?

LinkedIn tends to favour content that keeps users on the platform.

However, unlike Instagram, links in posts do work, as well as those in comments.

So use links if you want to send people to your site etc. That’s fine.

How Many Likes Should a LinkedIn Post Get?

There’s no set number of likes that a post should get. Just focus on that number going up. If it’s 1 to begin with. Even if its yours. Thats fine.

Let’s get it to 2. Then 3. And so on.

Just focus on the inputs not the outputs. That’s all you can control. Take it easy. Keep at it.

How To Get Clients From LinkedIn | How to Master LinkedIn in 2024: The Full Course, From Claudia Lee | Nexus Gecko |

Are LinkedIn Posts Worth It?

Absolutely. We get around 50% of our clientele via LinkedIn. It single-handedly makes my business thrive and increase our margins and exposure.

And my clients exposure too, as you can see!

There’s not another business platform I’d prefer.

It is the best platform for written content. For me even more than Twitter, due to the high net worth audience, and better algorithm.

How Do I Know I’m Doing Good?

You’ll see those likes go up. And those comments. And those impressions.

You’ll know when you know.

And, if you don’t see it yet, adapt, alter and go again. You’ll get there.

How do I deal with hate, should it happen?


Be gentle. Be witty. Be rude back, it’s up to you. But let it roll off your back.

Keep it moving. Keep on writing.

What If I Can’t Do It?

Well, firstly you can. Just stick at it.

But if you mean, you’re too busy, you can go to an agency like ours and we’ll do it all for you, so you don’t have to worry.

If you’d like an entire year of content, provided to you in just 30 days, and all schedules on Linkedin and even your website if you have one, simply click here.

If you want to get clients on autopilot or scale your brand, through the largest social business network, in the world, you know where to go.

Let’s discuss it, and show you what we can do for you.

Click here, book a call and check us out instead.


(Phew), that should be everything! I really do hope this helps!

If you have anything you want to ask me specifically, you can message me here, on LinkedIn. Happy writing!

And, tag me in your posts, so I can be sure to check them out!

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